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Kaylor of Colorado's philosophy is to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible. They use only the best ingredients. They produce many bird and small animal feed lines ranging from specialty, exotic and vitamin enriched.

Their products include; Sweet Harvest, vitamin enriched bird foods, bird treats, gourmet small animal foods, McBride’s, a specialty line of vitamin a enriched bird food blends and Rainforest Exotics, a premium line of bird and small animal foods. Their mixes are specially vitamin enriched, extremely clean and encompass a wide variety of ingredients.

Kaylor of Colorado is also the only national seed manufacturer to offer unique bird food blends such as Macaw, Lovebird and Conure.  Kaylor of Colorado only uses the highest quality, natural ingredients from around the world.  Even before allowing any ingredient into the plant, it is inspected thoroughly for cleanliness and freshness.  The mixing of their blends take place in our state of the art Horizontal Ribbon Mixer that blends any combination of ingredients evenly.  The mixture is air washed, leaving our mixes virtually free of all dust and chaff, then the vitamins & minerals are added and bonded to the entire blend.

Kaylor of Colorado has introducing their new nitrogen flushed 20 lb. bulk bags.  They have discovered that using a nitrogen flushing system for bulk product is the #1 way to keep product fresh and eliminate bugs.


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