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Pretty Pets International is a leading pet food manufacturer. Founded in 1990, they were the first manufacturer to introduce multi-colored, multi-shaped extruded foods. They developed many species specific foods to provide them with proper nutrition.

The Pretty Bird food line includes:

Natural Gold - This innovative new product contains Nucleotides which can improve your bird's immune system. Manufactured with 15% Protein and 8% fat in a small morsel. In a natural color with no artificial colors.

Daily Select - Pretty Bird's original multicolored, multi-shaped, extruded bird food containing 14% protein and 5% fat.

Species Specific for African, Cockatiel, Eclectus, Amazon, Cockatoo and Soft Bill species. These formulations contain the proper protein and fat percentages to provide your bird with the proper nutrition.

Breeder Select - Breeder diets contain 16% protein and 10% fat plus extra calcium. Our original breeder formulation is available in a colored and flavored format.

Weaning Food - This product has the same nutrition as the breeder food but is extruded in a corn curl shape that is easier for young birds to hold while they are learning to eat. Weaning can be fed either dry or moistened.


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