Whether you are a customer of ours or not, we invite you to submit a picture of your bird(s). Many web sites have tried this in the past, but soon after they have discontinued it due to the work and costs involved. We do want to maintain a level of quality, so please follow our directions, which aren't very complicated.

First Requirement - Only one bird per picture please! This is your birds moment of fame. They are going to be seen around the world. We will allow you to post multiple submissions of different birds, but only one submission per bird please. If you want to change your birds picture with a newer one, we will do that for you, but please only change the picture once per month.

Picture sizes are 250 x 250 pixels. Pictures smaller than 250 x 250 pixels aren't acceptable, as the quality will suffer when we increase the size. If your picture size is bigger than that, we will rework it to that size. If you are submitting a digital picture via email to us, please be sure that the picture file size is less than 1mb and that the file is a jpg (jpeg).

For you non-digital photography types, we will scan your picture for you. Please be sure that the picture is of good quality and at least a 4 x 6 that shows a good close-up of your bird.

You are required to fill in the submission form below. Before you do, lets talk about what we are going to do with your information. At your request (on the form), we will mask your name so that only the first letter of your last name will be shown. Your city and state will be shown as well as your birds name, species and age. The rest of the items are for our information only. We will not share the non-posted information with anyone outside of Parrot Bonanza.

While filling in the form, please exercise your best typing skills so that I don't have to retype your information.

Please fill in all of the requested information. Fictitious information will void your posting. Thank you in advance!

NOTE - Fields with a yellow Asterisk (*) need to be filled in or you will receive an error when you submit the form.

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Periodically and on certain holidays, we may send your bird a present (no charge). Is this acceptable to you?

Birthday, Christmas


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When you press the submit button, you will receive instructions on how to submit your pictures to us. The information that you submitted will not be displayed on our web site until we post your pictures.

Be sure to tell your friends to visit our site to see a picture of your bird!

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